Number one in trade volume, users, and capital -- it's a Triple Crown! Launching our new Explosive Campaigns!

bitFlyer has become Japan's largest (trade volume, users, and capital) Bitcoin and blockchain company.

bitFlyer has become the nation's largest Bitcoin and blockchain company in terms of monthly trade volume, users, and capital.*

To celebrate this "triple crown" record of monthly trade volume, users, and capital, we are launching our Triple Crown! Explosive Campaign! The campaign offers the following events:

We are officially launching three new campaigns as per above.

*Based on company-internal research, monthly volume: 9.5T JPY; users: 1,000,000+; capital: 4,102.38M JPY (including capital reserves) -- as of December 2017

  • 1.TRADE GRAND PRIX Daily Rankings

    TRADE GRAND PRIX Daily Rankings
    Customers with the highest daily trade volume in BTC spot and BTC-FX markets during the campaign period will receive a Bitcoin present relative to their ranking. Click here for details
  • 2.TRADE GRAND PRIX Weekly Rankings

    TRADE GRAND PRIX Weekly Rankings Crown
    Customers with the highest weekly volume of BTC and BTC-FX trades receive Bitcoin presents according to their rank. Go for multiple laps and aim to be number one in the daily and weekly charts! Click here for details
  • 3. Taker Campaign

    Taker Campaign Crown
    Weekly awards of 50,000 JPY in Bitcoins are awarded based on BTC trade volume (MT points) for trades concluded as a taker.Click here for details
  • 4. Market Maker Campaign

    Maker Campaign
    Market Maker Points (MM points) are granted as per the market making BTC order amount x 1 point.The Bitcoin equivalent of ¥20,000 will be awarded every week to customers based on their MM Point ranking during the campaign period. Click here for details
  • 5. Login Bonus Campaign

    Login Bonus Campaign Crown
    Bitcoin presents awarded to customers who log into bitFlyer! Click here for details
  • 6. Transaction Fees FREE Campaign

    No Service Charge Campaign
    We are running a campaign offering no service charges for trades on the Bitcoin market and Lightning FX.